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devotes itself to the transport, storage and distribution.

, with an experience of 20 years in the sector, is a LOGISTIC OPERATOR of big companies that have externalized their logistic services, realizing for them the activity of storing, transporting and distributing their goods having developed a personalized and elaborated project on the basis of a concrete needs.

, allows to join to his (her, your) activity of storing, transporting and distributing, a wide range of activities and services of added value in the whole process of supply.

- Express Services personalized transport and logistic "door to door". Covering logistic "on-line" needs nationally and internationally.

- Logistic integral management of events, stands, shop windows and itinerant offices. Providing exclusive personnel and vehicles for every service.

- Storage of goods The technological continuous evolution allows us to automate all the internal processes synchronizing it with the external processes for control of stocks. Link supplier - client.

- (A.D.T.) Store Temporary Warehouse(Almacén Depósito Temporal). Customs enclosure.

- Personalized follow-up with each of our clients from our web space, obtaining a communication interface across simple and trustworthy tools.

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